Many of our clients and readers often ask about a tantric massage and what benefits it has on physical and mental health. There are plenty of blog posts and magazine articles out there telling you that tantric massage is one of the best styles of Asian therapy you can get. But what makes tantric massage so special? To help you out, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide that breaks down every aspect of the massage – from its history and how it’s performed to its benefits and how they affect the different parts of the body.

It’s important to realise that every massage, regardless of whether it’s erotic or standard, varies from masseuse to masseuse and parlour to parlour. This is because every therapist and agency that they work for have their own distinct style. Just as every dancer has their own flair, every writer has their own style and every chef has their own preferred flavour, every masseuse has their individual flair which they bring to their sessions. Made up of a mixture of their personality, experiences and training, it makes each massage session more memorable and personal for the client. Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that it’s crucial to realise that this guide is meant to be a general outline instead of a “be all and end all”. Your tantric massage session might vary slightly from this guide. Nevertheless, the foundations should generally be the same.



Tantric massage: a history

Tantric massage is an ancient therapy which goes back as far as 5AD. Connected to Indian spiritual rituals and Hinduism, tantra was originally a type of meditation that was employed to maintain a calm sense of body and mind, and helped people reach new levels of spirituality. As a combination of the words “tattva” and “mantra”, tantra is a therapy that’s rooted in the cosmic sciences and is meant to improve focus and the quality of the mind. Tantric massage is a physical evolution of that – as well as meditating, manual therapy is also used to relax the body and mind. Over the years, the sensual and pleasurable side of tantric massage has become increasingly profound. Celebrities such as Sting have been known to practise tantra in helping them improve their sexual stamina.


What’s the point of a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is known to be a highly sensual massage style that uses a lot of erotic techniques that are meant to arouse the recipient. Primarily, it’s used to teach people the different ways to awaken their spirituality, control their sexual urges and help them to embrace their arousals. Tantric massage focuses on prolonging pleasure and resisting the urge to orgasm for as long as possible. This helps with erectile and ejaculation problems. For women, it may help with arousal and orgasm. Tantric massage therapy pleases the mind as well as the body by working to balance the body’s life energies and re-fusing the mind, body and spirit, which promotes internal harmony.

Tantric massage encourages the formation and maintenance of sexual energies – an energy form that tantric practitioners say is crucial for a healthy life. Men and women have different and varying levels. There are different levels of orgasmic pleasure and naturally, women have access to a wider range than men. This is just down to biology and explains why women have more powerful orgasms than men, despite it being less frequent and more difficult to reach. Tantric massage helps men tap into these higher levels while staying in a prolonged state of heightened arousal. With practice, they may even experience a climax without ejaculation, which means they can last longer.

How much control do you actually have over your manhood? Many men think they have their penis under control and wrapped around their little finger, but in reality, they don’t. How many times have you climaxed quicker than you’ve wanted to? Probably far more than you’d like to admit! It’s completely normal, but a nuisance. A tantric massage can help you experience multi-orgasmic states and a stronger emotional bond with your partner. This lets you experience deeper levels of intimacy, trust and consistent sexual gratification.



What happens in a typical tantric massage session?

Tantric massage isn’t quite the same as an erotic or sensual massage, yet at the same time, it is. Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the sexual areas and harnessing the body’s sexual energies to take the recipient to a higher level of consciousness. Erotic techniques are used to excite the senses and drive the arousal up so that intense pleasure is experienced. The combination of the sensual stimulation and physical arousal mean that a tantric massage is, on the whole, extremely pleasing and enjoyable for both the body and mind.

A typical tantric massage session begins with the therapist and client saying a few chants, closing their eyes and meditating together. This helps to forge the spiritual bond between the two of them. Then, the client will lie down naked and the masseuse will begin the full body massage. The client’s body will be slowly manipulated until their muscles are relaxed.

When they are relaxed, the masseuse may start to use a variety of erotic techniques such as circling around their manhood area and other erogenous zones. By the time they actually touch this area, clients are so aroused, they may be at the brink of orgasm. The masseuse is trained to handle this though, so she will use the stop-go technique by alternating between slow and light touches and more vigorous, intense strokes. These are intended to keep you on the very edge of climax for an extended amount of time. By the time you do orgasm, it’ll be an intense rush of pleasure that runs throughout the entire body, throbbing from head to toe. You’ll be very frustrated but superbly satisfied at the end.


Interested in a tantric massage with a professional therapist

You can try a massage at home with your partner – we’ve posted several DIY guides and we’ve also seen some excellent tips on Google – but if you want the authentic experience, we’d recommend going to a professional trained tantric therapist. We offer a specialised Asian massage service with masseuses who are highly trained in tantra, erotica and sensual massage styles. Catering to the whole of central and most parts of Greater London, our masseuses can help you get the release you’re looking for.





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