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The power of human touch is extraordinary at making our body and mind feel good, but if you thought a classic massage to be the best for rewarding relief then think again. Imagine the serenity of the utterly soothing strokes combined with the spine tingling sensations on your most intimate areas? Not only that, our masseuses are not just any old therapists. Cherry-picked from the best massage schools in China, Japan and Korea and blessed with oriental beauty, our girls are a feast for the eyes and certainly know what they are doing with their talented fingertips. The whole experience is exactly what dreams are made of, but can soon be your reality.

The art of sensual massage is for the experience not to be rushed, allowing every inch of your sexual organs to progressively awaken until you can’t bare it in anymore. Our girls are experts when it comes to seduction and love to practice their orgasmic talents on you.

Allow her sweet but daring eyes to glare into yours as she unbuttons your shirt and places her soft hands on your chest. By now, your heart will begin to race as the sexual tension burns through the roof.

Lie down and shut your eyes as she slowly drizzles your naked body in sensational massage oil, before indulging you into serenity with her soft, gentle and spine-tingling strokes. Allow her to lightly patter your thighs and trail small circles to tease your ever excited lingam. When she finally touches your manhood it sure will tingles and send shivers down every inch of your body. You’re sure to be overwhelmed with euphoric bliss.

Play nice and she’ll maximise the pleasure by introducing her indulgent tongue and working magic with her little fairy. With the glorious build-up that comes with a sensual massage it would be rude not to book the full service.

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