Prostate massage – Canary Wharf

If you’re feeling extra naughty and daring (you must be to be on this page) then look no further than an eye-rollingly pleasurable prostrate massage. Prostrate massage can tickle all your wildest fantasies, literally.

Just like all our glorious massage styles, a prostrate massage begins with one of our gorgeous goddess stripping down to unveil her banging body. This will be a feast for your hungry eyes, but there’s no time to wait – there’s plenty of courses to fit in when you opt for this erotic style.

Feel your breathing get heavier as she caresses her soft hands all over your overly excited physique, soothing you into a sexual serenity as she works from your less sensitive to your most intimate areas.

As the tension builds, so will the heat as she slowly wraps her delicate hands all over your gradually hardening penis. If you’re lucky she might even go in for a sweet suck, for the raunchiest rewarding relief. You’re guaranteed to moan like you’ve never done before, but this is just a starter of this delicious feast.

She will look into your ravishing eyes as she licks up and down her dainty finger, before slipping it inside to work her sensual magic on your prostate gland. At this moment, you’re probably at the point of no return. Her passionate tricks are guaranteed to shake you into an ecstasy of pleasure,
causing more than a few earthquakes.

Whether you want a shy and sweet or a dominant and daring masseuse, we sure have a girl who will tickle your fancy (and your G spot!). So, if you’re looking for the naughtiest happy end of them all then make sure you book one of our gorgeous oriental beauties for the full service. After all, it would be rude not to try.

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