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About our full service and other massage services

Getting a full service massage is allowing you the complete works. ‘Anything off the trolley dear? We’ll take the lot!’ – Full service is a package that does not withhold anything. It is the penultimate service. You want the works? You can have the works with full service.

With many erotic massage styles you get an intimate, albeit incredibly sexy and sensual body rub. Areas are touched, sensual energy travels around your body making you feel warm and fuzzy. There is really no erotic massage service you can get that won’t make you feel electric. The different with getting full service from your massage therapist however is a completely different kettle of fish.

Going to one of our London massage parlours you will be offered a wide range of Asian massage services. You can have your choice of some of the most delectable massage body rub styles available – Japanese Nuru, spiritual tantra, sensual massage,  classic naked body to body massage, prostate massage, four hands massage, lingam massage, sukebe massage…Once you have decided on which massage service you would like to try you can then decide on which package you would prefer for your massage therapist to deliver. In all of our London massage parlours we offer these exclusive, authentic Asian massage services with the option of the happy ending package or the full service package.

The happy ending package involves getting the body massage of your choice with added hand relief. This is not just any hand job bearing in mind – the gorgeous and passionate massage therapists have received intensive training to learn how to deliver specialist handjobs that will feel like nothing you have ever experienced before.

A woman wrapping her hands around a guys body during an outcall full service massage
A male client grabbing a masseuses bum during a full service massage

Why you should book one of our Asian masseuses for a full service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our massage therapists, having scoured the world for the most talented Asian masseuses. The girls working in our London massage parlours have trained in the most elitist massage academies across asia. With most of our massage therapists graduating from the best massage schools in China, Japan and Korea. Aside from natural ability, to even get a place in one of these establishments you must have a true passion for erotic massage and a beautiful body and mind. The discipline of our Asian masseuses, to maintain their stellar beauty, their toned and well maintained bodies and have an aura of complete warmth and calm is unprecedented. We understand that when you order an erotic massage you want to visit a massage therapist that a) knows what she’s doing, b) is achingly beautiful and c) is warm and loving; ensuring you’re the perfect experience.

With the full service package, you will receive the erotic massage style of your choice as well as hand relief, oral and sexual intercourse. What sets our massage parlours apart from others is that not only are all of our massage therapists incredibly talented masseuses that deliver authentic Asian massage but they also ALL offer full service as part of any body massage. So if you were looking to get a body rub with a difference you know where to come.

Also if you are staying in a hotel in London or live in the City we provide full service Asian massage body rub as outcall. Which means one of our wonderful, beautiful Asian massage therapists will come directly to your door. Simply enquire when booking to see whether one of our massage therapists can come to you. There’s no finer luxury than getting a full service erotic massage at home.      

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