So why should you choose full service?

Full service is the crème de la crème of our erotic massage services. It’s utterly exhilarating, damn right seductive and oozes every aspect of sexy. Here are eight thrilling facts you probably didn’t know about this sensational service…


It burns the calories 

Believe it or not, non-sexual massages can burn up to eighty calories in a one hour session. However, when you incorporate the more sensual elements into the massage you burn even more. Twenty minutes of full thrills sexy time can help you lose up to one-hundred calories (now that’s a total of 180 calories lost by doing something you love) who needs the gym? 


A person measuring their stomach


It includes oral and sex

Compared to other erotic massages, full service doesn’t put any limitations on the fun. Most full service packages incorporate a naked massage of your choice, hand relief, oral and penetration until orgasm. Now that’s a sensual buffet we’d love to feast on!


A condom is always worn

Due to client and masseuse safety, a condom is worn at all times during a full service massage. Under UK laws, therapists working in British massage parlours must attend health screenings on a fortnightly basis to detect any signs of STIs. This ensures you will always have a clean and safe experience as part of your full service. 


Different coloured condoms


It’s performed on a bed

Due to the highly erotic nature of full service, the experience is performed on a bed instead of a massage table. There’s always the option to extend the pleasure to the shower if you’re feeling super adventurous. If you’ve booked a full service outcall, then there’s no harm in taking the fun to the sofa or even table if you’re a little on the wild side.


You can have a full service with two masseuses

Getting down and dirty with two gorgeous is something that only some gentleman dream of, but the full service four hands experience can make this full thrills fantasy a raunchy reality. Full service four hands often begins with the two masseuses rubbing your whole body down in unison. What comes next is entirely your choice. Experiencing one girl lusciously lick your penis while another presses her voluptuous lips on you will sure whisk you away to a seventh heaven euphoria.


Two Asian massage therapists lay on the floor outside


It helps you sleep

Are you struggling to catch those zzz’s at night? Then don’t reach for the sleeping tablets, opt for a full service massage instead. Scientific studies have proven that the soothing, slow and sensual strokes used as part of full service boosts the serotonin count within the body. The more serotonin we have, the more relaxed our body and mind feels, which ultimately helps us to improve our quality of sleep.


It stops you from getting sick

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more of a ball ache then having to take time off work because of a cold or man flu. However, the good news is that full service massage can rapidly decrease the number of sick days you need to take.  The strokes used enhance the number of white blood cells within the body. Doctors understand that the more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immune system – which ultimately prevents you from getting sick. 


A sick woman scratching her eyes


Women can have a sensual massage too

It’s the 21st century and it’s time to embrace the fact women love to get jiggy too. The female equivalent of sensual massage is known as a Yoni massage and is the stimulation of a woman’s erogenous zones, these being the nipples, vagina and clitoris. Whether the Yoni is performed by female or male is completely down to the preference of the receiver. Only some massage parlours in the UK cater for a mixed clientele, while most operate by a male or female only policy. 


Book a full service massage today!

So there you have it, eight things you probably didn’t know about our full service massage Marylebone services! If you’re ready to take the plunge and indulge your naughty senses into the experience then look no further than Canary Wharf Tantric massage parlour, which has branches in Liverpool Street, Marylebone and Bayswater. Here you can enjoy a truly authentic, professional and seductive Asian massage (with the full service) from just £160 per hour. If you’re interested in making a booking then call the English speaking hotline today on 07767966512.