Sensual massage is a crème de la crème erotic service, designed to whisk all of your senses to a seventh heaven from the get-go. To celebrate the wonders of sensual massage we have taken every letter from the word, to tell you just a little bit more of the delicious bodywork… 


S is for…. Soothing

If you’re looking to soothe your body, mind and soul then there’s no better way than a sensual massage. Sensual is the slowest massage offered in an erotic parlour, with every stroke being carefully crafted to harmonise your mental and physical senses for rewarding relief. Your body will immediately feel refreshed, rejuvenated and lighter. 


A man getting a soothing massage


E is for… Euphoric

Let’s be honest, getting hot under the covers with a drop-dead gorgeous therapist is enough to make you feel like you’ve won the lottery – but there’s also scientific evidence which shows us why sensual massage makes us feel euphoric. The teasing and tantalising strokes of sensual massage help to release the ‘feel good’ hormones oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones help to erase our negative thoughts and are replenished with a much more positive and euphoric mind-set.  


N is for… Naughty

Sensual massage is super intimate, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get naughty under the sheets. Sensual massage is always offered with a happy ending package, which is massage and hand relief. However, in some parlours, the pleasure can be extended with the sensual massage full service. Full service is the complete she-bang, comprising of the naked massage, oral and penetration until orgasm. That isn’t where the naughtiness has to end, most sensual therapists are also up for delicious extras which can extend the pleasure. Assisted shower, French kissing and OWO (oral without) are just some requests that sensual masseuses cater to. 


A massage therapist passionately kissing a male client


S is for… Stress easing

If you’re going through troubles at home or work grinds are getting you down then sensual massage is exactly what the doctor ordered – as the soothing bodywork can do wonders for stress. When we are stressed, muscle knots usually build in our neck, back and shoulders. If neglected, these muscle knots can cause a lot of unwanted tension, bad posture and severe pain. However, the seductive strokes of effleurage used as part of a sensual massage helps to break down these muscle knots which are riddled with the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. Once the muscle knots are undone, fresh oxygen and blood supply reach the muscles, which in turn helps the client receive rewarding stress relief.  


U is for… Ultra-romantic

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of romance? The whole experience which comes with sensual is what makes it the most romantic massage of them all. Sensual masseuses go to special efforts to light scented candles, find a gentle playlist and set seductive mood lighting for your treatment. Also, the strokes used in sensual massage are soft and slow, designed to help you embrace the wonders of the beautiful female form right in front of your very eyes. 


A is for… Ache and pain relief

By the time we reach 60, more than half of us start to endure some kind of chronic pain. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence – opt for a sensual massage instead. A full body massage triggers the rush of endorphins to the central nervous system. Many scientists regard endorphins as the body’s natural painkiller as they block the pain signals before they reach the brain, ultimately giving the sufferer rewarding relief. Sensual massage works for all types of pain relief, including migraines, lower back pain and shoulder aches. 


A woman holding her back


L is for… Lingam

Lingam is erotic terminology for your penis and when translating into Latin means ‘wand of light’ The good news about sensual massage is that a whole of attention is paid to your Lingam. Sensual therapists are experts in more than 500 tantalising techniques which are designed to pleasure your penis like never before. The masseuses use a specialised stroke known as edging, which involves them trailing their soft hands down your torso and caressing your erogenous zones. When you’re on the cusp of no return the therapist will wonder her attention to another part of your body before repeating the strokes. If you’ve not already gathered, this builds an intense and euphoric feeling.


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