A man holding up his thumb after getting a tantric massage

Travel enthusiast, fitness fanatic and lifestyle blogger Eric Carmichael [or ‘OutlawEric’ as he is known on Youtube] has kindly offered to provide a detailed review of his experience getting a tantric massage with a happy ending at one of our local branches. 

Where did my fascination with tantric massage start?

Now for those that don’t know me, I have recently just finished a yearlong tour of Eastern Asia. I frequently visited many erotic massage parlours during my trip, I saw it all; from Bangkok to Shanghai – the East really knows it sexual favours. Now returning back to London I began to think all my fun was over – (at least the sexy Asian massage part that is!) Fortunately for me I happened to stumble upon the magical international delight that is Canary Wharf Tantric. Not far from where my office space is – or as I like to call it; my creativity room… (I mean I have a bean bag and a soda stream in there for crying out loud!) I don’t take myself too seriously, and I think that’s the best way to be, saying that I don’t like a less than quality service – which thankfully wasn’t a concern when I sampled the glorious tantric massage at this fantastic massage parlour.


A beautiful Chinese massage therapist wearing a floral dress


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I arrived at 11 am sharp – the only time slot available that day on a busy Friday in February 2019. The parlour itself was in a discreet location in an impressive townhouse. With my pick of the three masseuses available I chose Sweety. She was a beautiful Japanese woman with delicate features, an ample bosom and an excellent physique. I didn’t catch her age but I presume she was in her mid to late twenties.


We went into a sensually decorated boudoir, there was calm music playing that was reminiscent of the Chinese string music I had become acquainted with during my travels.  The room was warm but not hot and I considered it a pleasant temperature to counteract the winter cold of outside.


I removed my clothing at Sweety’s instruction and sat on the end of the bed. I was instructed to lay on my stomach as she smothered sweet aromatic oil over my bare skin. She moved quickly and with precision. I struggled to work out where one hand began and the other started. I fell into a state of deep relaxation almost immediately.


Tantric is all about becoming at one with your sexual energy and your inner soul – it might sound a bit hippy dippy and you can feel free to scoff at it all you like but frankly once you let go of that then you’re really in for a treat.


Essentially by bringing your sexual and spiritual together, you are filling your entire body with sexual energy and the result of this? Your entire body experiences deep, profound orgasmic pleasure. And I mean that! I really do…


What it felt like for me was this – Imagine the normal intense pleasure you feel in the groin region when having sex, but imagine that at the tips of your toes, trickling down your lower back, in your shoulders, in your neck… all over. The sensation is so intense that your mind goes to another place – people have often described tantric massage as a mind bending exercise – before you experience the final release you edge and edge closer and closer, as though your insides are trying to reach each other but just can’t quite make it.. almost there… almost.. and then BAM! There you are basked in pleasure.


Some people feel as though they are floating, others hallucinate, I found myself overwhelmed by happiness, overjoyed.


A stunning Japanese masseuse wearing a white dress


How did my tantric massage make me feel?

Afterwards, I held on to this warm glow, a feeling that did not seem to need holding; it was stuck to me. I left the parlour feeling cleansed and more together than I had in while. I felt grounded, that was it. Grounded within myself and totally calm, I went to my creativity room and finished a project that had been nagging me for ages.


I don’t know if I can specifically thank the tantric massage for getting my work done but it did give me the headspace and clarity that I didn’t realise I was majorly lacking before the massage.


I’d say, considering that it was not a million miles away, in fact right on my doorstep in Central London, whilst remaining authentic, effective and extremely pleasurable, my trip to Canary Wharf Tantric was totally worth it.


No, in fact, I’d say more than that. It wasn’t just worth it, going to the parlour was the highlight of my week, month even – and I get up to a lot of fun!


So next time you find yourself in London don’t bother going to the Sherlock Holmes museum, take a right up the street and go and try our tantric massage London services.


I’d recommend Sweety, an all; she was a true professional.