Why should you try our tantric massage Marylebone massage services?

Are you feeling a little bit cheeky on your lunch break, after a long day at the office or after exploring London’s copious attractions? Well, you probably want a tantric massage. While the capital is brimming with places to get a Tantra session, trying to find a parlour which is super professional can be a hard task. So we have done the hard work for you and found just the place to get a strictly professional, five-star tantric massage performed by a highly-skilled therapist.  Gentlemen, let us introduce you to the Canary Wharf Tantric parlour based in the affluent area of Marylebone. 

Over the last decade, this plush massage establishment has worked hard to become the most professional tantric service in Marylebone and has since achieved the award for best massage provider in the UK for three years on the run. This is what makes Canary Wharf Tantric parlour the most superior in all of the land…


All your booking information is ultra-confidential

As soon as you call to book a tantric massage you can get a feel of how professional the service is going to be. Run-of-the-mill parlours don’t have a booking team and usually use masseuses who speak barely much English to answer the phone and make bookings. However, the Canary Wharf Tantric parlour has hired a team of booking agents who are on hand to take appointments and discuss the availability of the therapists. These booking agents aren’t just the standard reception team, they are super knowledgeable in the tantric field and will be able to expertly inform you more about the service and which girls boasts the finest expertise in Tantra. Everything discussed on the phone is extremely confidential between yourself and the agent. It’s also part of the parlour policy to erase any evidence of your tantric massage straight after the appointment, ensuring a high standard of professionalism and keeping client discretion at the heart of everything they do.


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The girls are highly-skilled in tantric massage

Let’s be honest, just about any girl can offer tantric massage, but to stand out as the best you’ve got to be expertly trained in the field. Tantra is a competitive industry, therefore to work in the best parlours you need to be on top of the game. The therapists who work at the exclusive Canary Wharf Tantric parlour have undertaken some of the most prestigious Tantra courses in their native oriental countries. Here they have crafted the art for Tantra, seduction and edging. Becoming a high-class tantric masseuse isn’t something that just happens overnight. Budding therapists usually hold a passion for Tantra ideologies from a young age and is something they desire to expand their knowledge on. A session with a therapist at Canary Wharf Tantric will have your full trust that they are going to take you on a journey of the sweetest serenity.


The parlour is super discreet

So you might have seen those dingy massage saunas advertising tantric massage on tacky streets in Soho, but this couldn’t be more different from the Canary Wharf Tantric parlour. Due to the majority of the clients being respectable businessmen wanting a discreet service the establishment has taken the decision to not advertise tantric massage from the exterior. It is instead disguised as a lavish residential apartment. A visit to the Canary Wharf Tantric parlour will appear that you’re visiting a friend from passers-by. We can assure you no one will be none of the wiser you are seeking a tantric massage. When you’re inside, the parlour maintains the highest of professional standards. Each client is allocated their own personal treatment room, which is each kitted out with the latest Tantra equipment. Clients are also given the opportunity to shower before or after their massage in their own private treatment room. The chances of bumping into any other gentlemen when coming for a Tantric massage is super slim. 


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Client safety is at the heart of everything they do

To become the most professional tantric massage parlour in the whole of London, you’ve got to really prioritise client safety. Due to this, the parlour provides complimentary condoms to be worn at all times during all Tantric massages. This is compulsory and can never be negotiated. As a double precaution, sexual health doctors visit the parlour on a fortnightly basis to perform STI and health checks on all the therapists. But you can be rest assured; no therapist or client has contracted any type of STD through a tantric massage since the parlour has been in operation. 


Book a professional tantric massage today

If you’re looking for the most professional, safest and relaxing tantric massage in the whole of London then we’ve certainly found you the right place. Call the Canary Wharf Tantric booking agents today on 07767966512 to try our five-star tantric massage Marylebone services.