A client holding his bum after getting a prostate massage

A man with a worried look who is about to get his first prostate massage

What is a prostate massage and what will happen?

This week on ‘Does it Hurt?’ We will be discussing the infamous PROSTATE MASSAGE… An erotic massage service that has taken the UK by storm in recent years.


So first off – what is it? Well, a prostate massage involves getting a full naked body to body massage, wherein an erotic masseuse will cover you and her in aromatic massage oils, climb onto your naked body and with her trained expertise, use all that her naked body has at its disposal to wean out all of the aches and pains resting in the deep tissue of your muscles. The masseuse will use her natural, ample assets to gently rub and grind against your trembling naked body. She will employ rhythmic techniques that will get your heart racing and pulse pumping, moving her trained hands lower down your back until she reaches the sweet spot.


The benefits of getting a prostate massage

NOW- here’s where things get interesting. I don’t want to race along and write this, as the trouble with prostate massage is that no matter how you try and butter it up, to some, whatever I write will still just sound like ‘fingers in bum’. And honestly, I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna be on the edge of my seat fantasising about that.  The truth is, as much as it might seem like that, once you get an authentic prostate massage you will know that it is a hell of a lot more than just an index finger sliding up your rectum.


What many people fail to understand about the male anatomy is that just like with the sexual liberation movement for women- wherein people discovered the clitoris and opened the Pandora’s box to female sexual gratification – for men, there is the G-Spot. The key to the male orgasm, or rather the key to the ultimate male orgasm, lays in the prostate gland. Just as you would massage the clitoris to awaken the female sexual organ, massaging the prostate can give similar results.A diagram showing where the prostate is located


The important thing to note though, is that the prostate, like the clitoris, is a very delicate area. Just as you would not go in all guns blazing with the clit and aggressively prod it – the same should be said for the prostate. Locating the G-spot can also be tricky, it can differ in area from person to person, which is why getting a prostate massage by a trained professional is the fool-safe way to experiment and discover what’s really going on in your body.          


Once your masseuse has reached your G spot she will deliver a series of alternating massage techniques to titillate the area. Your masseuse will follow your body and will work at a pace that rhythmically matches your breath and pulse. By working with your body and listening to it the masseuse will be able to control tighter the pleasure wave. The masseuse will build and build on your pleasure receptors until you finally reach climax. Once you do orgasm you will experience a heightened degree of pleasure, unlike anything you have felt before. Many have described the prostate orgasm as mind bending, an out of body experience. The longevity of the orgasm is also significantly increased by massaging the G-spot, reports have found that the average man experiences an orgasm 3X as long after prostate play.


Will it hurt?

But back to the question in hand… does it hurt? The simpler answer? How long is a piece of string – what might feel great for some people could in turn feel rubbish for someone else. If you have a dry, crusty, itchy asshole then perhaps anyone going anywhere near it might cause discomfort. The truth is you know your own arse hole better than anyone else. Have a feel around down there, generally, if your prostate is not suffering from skin lesions and or infection, a prostate massage won’t hurt. Getting an inexperienced partner to massage you could also lead to discomfort. Someone not trained in the prostate gland and not clued up as to the male G spot may bring about as much pleasure as you sticking a toothbrush down there.


To rephrase the question… does getting a prostate massage by a trained masseuse hurt? –the answer: No. Getting a prostate massage by a trained masseuse is nothing but a pleasurable, orgasm inducing experiencing. If you were apprehensive about getting a prostate massage out of the fear of discomfort, comfortableness and or pain; don’t be. Follow the right steps, go to a reputable parlour, be seen by a professional masseuse and don’t go sticking anything up there yourself! You don’t want any lesions down there before your session!