A man holding his thumb up after he has just had a prostate massage

Why are some men put off a prostate massage?

Ever thought about getting a prostate massage but then thought ‘but I’m not one of them…’ and not? You know what that makes you? – One of them: The mass population that puts off doing what they want for fear of the connotations, for fear of what it looks like, what it seems, how it makes them look, what it says about them. Who do you suppose is happier (really) the men that do what they want because they are comfortable within themselves to not care how they come across, OR the men that live their lives how they think they ought to? No brainer isn’t it. Of course, that is not to say I do not believe we should live our lives without any sort of moral compass, not at all! I strongly believe in living morally and being good to others, what I am saying is that no-one should live in fear and shame, especially not in fear and shame of their own desires…


Personally, 2019 strikes me as a hostile time to openly discuss male sexual satisfaction. Our society has moved into a realm that I think unintentionally has cast men as evil predators. With movements like #metoo and the actions of powerful celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and R Kelly making headlines; any discussion to do with men and sex was regarding abusive or criminal acts. So the already less than clean slate was completely shat on last year- vilifying men across the world. I mean with press like that how are men supposed to feel confident in making sexual advances, how are we supposed to feel comfortable to openly talk about sex and our own gratification? Women can confidently proclaim the difficulties and triumphs of achieving orgasm – for men there’s no such platform…


An Asian masseuse in an oriental outfit

What can you expect from a prostate massage?

Let’s change that in 2019. Let’s start a sexual revolution; by that I mean let’s start now, right here. I have roped in a few good friends to help with this, inviting them to share their experience of getting a prostate massage in a bid to open the conversation. Men should support men, I truly believe that. Having the support of other men has truly made me the man I am today; a man I can be proud to be. So let’s get started, shall we!


First up let’s hear from my good friend Sam, he works in recruitment and got his first prostate massage when he was 24. Let’s hear what he had to say;


Sam, 27.

“The first time I got a prostate massage was sort of an accident, to be honest – I didn’t even know what a prostate was, they don’t teach you stuff like that in school. I just picked the massage style at random; there were all kinds to choose from and I just picked that.  My experience sexually before had been what I’d describe now as fairly average. At the time though I thought I was enjoying sex to its full potential… you know that feeling when you look back at your younger self and cringe; that’s how I feel now! Turns out getting my prostate massaged opened up a whole other realm of sexual pleasure. Once it started I had this burning sensation in my gut, this intense pleasurable building feeling- I was like wow, okay let’s see where this goes. And then, pheww there’s nothing like it, I felt like I was floating – like it was some sort of out of body experience. If you’ve ever done a nos canister I’d describe it as a longed out better version of that. Who knew sex could be that intense and mind-bending? Not me, but then after I went home and looked into it I discovered that the prostate gland is the place to incite orgasmic pleasure in men – I felt like an idiot! Why on earth we don’t know about it – or talk about it is beyond me… I’m just glad I entered into the fold when I did haha!”


An Asian massage therapist lay down wearing a white top


Next up we have my Uncle Steve, as an older man, he was more sceptical than Sam to try prostate. The idea of someone sticking their fingers up his bum hole filled him with dread but after several assurances from me that it was worth checking out he relented and decided to give it a try…


Uncle Steve, 64.

“When I was growing up any business to do with your back passage was thought to be a gay thing. At least that’s how I came to understand it. If you wanted anything stuck up your butt you were a queer- I’m not being homophobic, that’s honestly how things were back then I say back then like it’s still not like it’s not the way things are now- I reckon there’s still a big portion of society that thinks this way. I only changed my mind when I tried prostate for myself. I’m confident enough in my sexuality to know that I don’t fancy men at all but getting a beautiful masseuse to massage my prostate really did get me going. It’s liked getting wanked off but better? I’m not sad I hadn’t tried it earlier- you can’t live life with regret, it was a different time then. But am I glad I did get around to trying it? Oh hell yeah.”


So you’ve heard from Sam, you’ve heard from Uncle Steve – tune in next week to hear some of the best prostate massage London stories. If you have one of your own you’d like to share I encourage you to post your experience in the comment box below. Let’s get the discussion going!