A man sat down looking worried after he has just had a prostate massage

Why are men from the UK less open to trying different kinds of erotic massages?

As a professional, qualified erotic masseuse I have travelled the world sharing my skills with those that seek my services. Having settled in London I have learnt a lot about British culture. The English manners are for the most part charming, however good manners go hand in hand with awkwardness. Lack of confidence in one’s self-appears to be an epidemic for men in the UK – this is most evident when I am performing massages on clients.

When I deliver erotic massages to men outside of the UK there is much more of a demand to try exciting and more risqué styles. I have discussed this with other masseuses and they have agreed. English men like to do things the ‘normal way’ and that’s that.  I was curious as to why this was – myself having explored all possible styles, believe everyone is different and gain pleasure in different strange and exciting ways. I could not fathom that all men from the UK have the same sexual enjoyment. After speaking frankly with one of my regular clients I found my answer…

It’s not that British men only enjoy sex the normal way it is that they are poorly educated on sex and as are the British women they have sex with. This all-round poor sexual education means that both parties feel embarrassed to try anything other than that which has been given the green light. This fear is a total social construct and nothing to do with your body’s natural defence against danger.


A man looking scared before he gets his prostate massage


Why is prostate massage so misunderstood by British men?

The retort of many British men when I attempt to discuss prostate massage with them is fascinating! The same old myth is relayed to me again and again: ‘isn’t that for gays?’… This is followed by confirmation that they are in fact not gay [like really?!] British men pay attention! Prostate massage is NOT, I repeat not a sexual act exclusively for gay men. This isn’t me trying to fool you, to trick you into becoming ‘a gay’ – its simple biology.

I spoke with human behavioural scientist Professor K. Pham, who after witnessing the phenomena, has done much research in this field.  Her thesis is clear; if men were not naturally supposed to experience pleasure in the prostate area, why then would the male G-spot be located there? The male anatomy is evidence that male satisfaction lies within the prostate. By massaging the prostate gland men receive intense sexual pleasure, whether that male is a homosexual or not. Heterosexual men have no different a prostate gland than that of a gay man; the anatomy is the same.

I’m not saying this to mock or make fun of British men; my intentions are quite the opposite really. I want to break this stigma amongst straight men to allow them the opportunity to experience this ultimate pleasure without any embarrassment.


A half naked Asian masseuse lay down on a bed waiting to give her client a prostate massage


Do not fear your own body- be excited by it! Take the opportunity to explore it … Take a look at these testimonials from clients I have introduced prostate massage to. None of these men believed they would enjoy getting their prostate massage; or at least they were hesitant to believe they would. Let’s see what they thought afterwards:


Ian, 44.

To be honest with you I never even knew what a prostate was! I thought it was a kind of cancer. When it was explained to me – you know…that it involved getting fingers up your bum – I really didn’t fancy it but I thought what the hell! I’ll give it a go. And let me tell you – I am so glad I did! I wasn’t expecting it at all, the sensation it was mind bending. To tell you the truth I have never experienced an orgasm that powerful. I was shaking all over. I tell all my friends about it now, they might take the piss but I just say like; think what you like guys – if you wanna be stuck in your ways and not try it then more fool you!


Anthony, 28.

Getting your first prostate massage by a professional masseuse is a smart move. Getting a romantic partner to stick some fingers up your bum might be painful and put you off forever. With a trained erotic masseuse you can be confident that she knows what she’s doing. Locating the prostate gland isn’t simple but it is to a professional. When my masseuse began massaging my prostate gland I felt extreme rushes of pleasure travel all over my body in waves, at the stroke of her fingers my body convulsed – I experienced complete body ecstasy! You should seriously try it.


Craig, 68.

I wasted so many years not trying a prostate massage! Do not make the same mistake as me – seriously, learn from an old fool like me. I always had it in my head that any kind of bum sex was for faggots. I was an idiot. After experiencing prostate I felt awake! I looked into it after and learnt more about the prostate gland and now it makes so much sense. Women can’t orgasm without their lady bits being fiddled with why do we ignore the male equivalent? It’s an outrage it really is. I just hope the next generation doesn’t make the same mistakes we did.


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