A blue ribbon with a moustache representing the fight against prostate cancer for November

Are you thinking about getting a prostate massage?

The idea of receiving a prostate massage can be a very scary one. Due to many years, society has been telling men that prostate massage was weird, only for gay men and simply not a part of regular sex. Therefore we have formed very negative views about it.

However, let me ask you why?

We as humans are so quick to judge people or things without being educated enough to form these opinions. Luckily, more people within our society are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This has shown as the number of men trying prostate massage in the U.K has increased over the last number of years with more men being open about enjoying them and speaking out about how beneficial they are to their health.

So, if you are still in doubt about whether to get a prostate massage or not, let me enlighten you as to why you should.


1) They have a lot of historical significance

Historically, prostate massages were used to enhance a man sexually. It is known that men who had several wives or lovers who were highly sexually active often used prostate massages to ensure that they could perform numerous times with each woman. However, now they have been developed to have health and pleasure benefits too.


2) It can help prevent prostate cancer

Luckily if caught quite early on, prostate cancer is easy to combat. Many Doctor’s usually use prostate massage to clear the prostate and also reduce any inflammation that you may be experiencing. You can obtain prostate cancer; however, regularly massage or “milking” the prostate glands reduces the risk of getting it.


3) It can help your urinary flow

Prostate massages can also help with your urine flow quite a bit. Urine should always come out in a steady flow; however, some people may have problems or difficulties with this, particularly if they have a swollen or inflamed prostate gland. If the gland is massaged regularly you reduce the risk of this happening. So if you struggle with bladder problems, a prostate massage could really help solve all of your problems.


A cartoon of a man struggling to wee which represents how a prostate massage can help you with this


4) Erectile dysfunction

The number of men affected by erectile dysfunction in the U.K is increasing and the age range is dropping. Beforehand it was usually associated with ageing, however this is slowly changing. Although there is no solid evidence, many men have come forward and said it has helped their problems. This theory comes from the thought that the blood flow improves as a result from massage or milking. This blood flow helps make the boner stronger, harder and longer lasting.


5) Helps with painful ejaculation

Many men have stated that erectile dysfunction has helped with painful ejaculation which may be caused for various reasons such as infection, inflammation and alleviate problems of an enlarged prostate. Massaging their prostate is a source of pain relief that can really be life changing for a man.


6) It is extremely pleasurable

Inside the anus of a man you will find the male “G-Spot.” This G Spot has thousands and thousands of tiny nerves and feelings that are dying to be stimulated and touched. When they are touched they give you intense feelings of orgasm and climax. Some men have reported that they have been able to reach climax and ejaculation from prostate stimulation alone.


A diagram showing where the prostate is for a man


7) It is easy to do

Although many people are apprehensive to receive or give a prostate massage, it is pretty easy to do. You can access the prostate gland through either the rectum or either the perineum. If you access it through the anus you should us lubricant and place your finger inside the anus in a hooked shape form. If you want to stimulate the prostate gland through the perineum you can use your knuckle to gently knead that area of skin which is highly sensitive yet arousing.


8) It can give you more intense orgasms

Prostate massages are known for giving men longer, more intense orgasms. Many men make prostate massages a part of their regular sex session with someone because they have had such an amazing experience from doing so and regular penile orgasms cannot bring them the pleasure they want.


9) It can spice things up in the bedroom

When we have had the same sexual partner for some time, the things that used to send us over the edge do not have as much of an impact on us. However, bringing new things into the bedroom can really spice things up and show you a new sexual side of yourself that you didn’t know. You can interpret exciting roleplays and try new positions whilst trying a prostate massage. It will be highly exhilarating and you will feel extremely passionate with one another.


10) It will break the stigma

If you try prostate massage, express the positive aspect of it and all the ways it can benefit you. Too many people have bad opinions on prostate massage which prevents them from trying it, and trust me; you are missing out on a lot.

So, there you have it, the infinite list of why you should try a prostate massage!