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The history behind the type of gel that is used in Nuru massage

In case you have been living under a rock for the past year or in case you are completely new to the exciting sensual world of erotic massage then let me tell you about the big new development that has swept the nation by storm: Nuru Massage. That’s right my friend… Nuru massage.

And what is Nuru massage you may ask, well it is an erotic massage style that was first developed in the 1980’s by a well-known Japanese erotic masseuse, Miss Hamada. She discovered how ‘nuru gel’, an oil originally used by the wealthy as a body scrub, exclusive to Japan, made out of a rare seaweed called ‘nori’, had the perfect consistency to be the base of an erotic massage style. The reason Hamada was excited by the Nuru gel was because it has a unique texture, unlike anything used before. Nori has a strange consistency that enables it to be both sticky and slippery at the same time.

In the case of using it for a body to body style massage it makes complete sense, as the increased level of intimacy provided by the gooey sticky nature of the gel makes both bodies feel like one. This intense sexual rebirth that occurs in Nuru massage sessions is a complete reflection of the wonderful properties Nuru gel has to offer.

Since its conception whispers of this mind altering, body freeing, sexually liberating gel has swept the world. After completely altering the erotic massage scene in the East, Nuru gel slowly made its way into Europe. It is only in the past year or so that Nuru has blown up in the UK. It took its time but finally, it’s here. In fact, funnily enough; after years, decades even, of being deprived of the wonders of Nuru, London now has what is considered the best Nuru scene in the world.

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How Nuru massage has grown in popularity

London has simply become a haven for the crème de la crème of the erotic massage world. In that, many of the best Nuru masseuses from across the globe have now migrated to London. This has created an exciting melting pot of ideas with many masseuses running workshops and training programmes which widen the circle of masseuses in London that have the know-how to give authentic tantric massages.

After a recent influx in media attention regarding Nuru, the reputation and dated perception of erotic massage has developed and improved. With celebrity figures like Sting and Tom Hardy advocating the health benefits of the service and giving it acclaim as an excellent treatment to combat mental health issues, it has had a massive surge in popularity.

Perhaps what Miss Hamada has done, whether she intended to or not, is bring about a much-needed change in public opinion regarding erotic massage and the industry in general. Erotic massage is now being seen (rightly so) as just as normal as going to yoga or taking a self-improvement class. The Instagram #selfcare movement has been very influential in carrying this change in public opinion.  Fitness and health bloggers throughout the UK have been publically sharing their experiences with Nuru and logging the positive effects the massage style has had on them mentally and physically.

The great thing about social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter is that anyone can share their experience without any interference from outside sources. A newspaper might not publish an article on Nuru massage but they cannot stop people discussing it on their own platform. Before the internet discussing anything remotely sexual with strangers would be considered absurd, inappropriate, strange even – online it is totally acceptable! People have a place that can be anonymous or in the least a step back from their true reality, in which they can voice or read about stuff that could really benefit them which previously they may never have heard about.

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Why is Nuru gel so good for you?

So then from the miraculous world of social media and the internet, the UK has learnt that not only is Nuru gel intensely pleasurable and invigorating for a body to body massage but the properties of the Nuru gel actually works to improve your skin and leave you feeling healthier and refreshed. A Nuru massage experience also effectively calms stresses and anxieties 25% more effectively than a standard body to body massage, as well as being voted as the most life affirming massage style of 2018. Many people are regarding Nuru massage as the ‘happy massage’. The playfulness and animalistic trance that the procession of Nuru massage brings out in a person provides them with a release quite unlike anything else.

It is often said that a Nuru massage is the re-birth massage, ideal for anyone wishing to shed a previous sexual skin and rediscover there sexual energy and stamina. Newborn after the treatment, each client is free to live in positive emotional and psychical bliss.

So next time you’re in London town, make sure you consider booking your Nuru massage experience.