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How can a lingam massage put a smile back on your face?

Having the worst day of your life? How would you like it if I told you that you could flip that… how would you like it if I told you that there is a way to make this the best day of your life? All you need is an hour, that’s 60 minutes of free time, £120-£160 in cash and the confidence to get naked with someone you’ve just met.

So do you think you’re up for the challenge? Oh, you didn’t say that… you’re not sure. Well what, you don’t believe me? Do you think that it is simply impossible to transform the worst day ever into the best day ever? I mean sure it might sound like a bit of a stretch but I’m confident in my claims.

It’s about time I introduced myself. Hi, my name’s Cindy and I am a professionally trained lingam masseuse. I have been living and working in Marylebone, London for a number of years now (how time flies!) I am trained in a number of erotic massage styles but I decided some time ago that I would specialise solely in lingam massage – why? Well frankly because I know, from my vast and wonderful experience, that nothing, nothing can satisfy you more than a lingam massage.

It’s this knowledge that assures me that getting a lingam massage can reverse the worst day ever into the best of days! Still, don’t believe me? Well I can’t blame you as the giver of the massage I can’t speak for the receiver, can I! Well lucky for you, you don’t just have my word to go by.

I asked a couple of my regular clients whether they would consider sharing their accounts of lingam massage. I explained to them my concept and encouraged each of them to consider a time when they felt particularly down before getting a lingam massage and explain how they felt after and whether it did, in fact, make them feel better.


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So, let’s get started, shall we?

First up we’ve got Steve. This guy always makes me laugh and since meeting almost a year and a half ago we have gotten on like a house on fire! Steve is a builder and is in his mid 40’s.



Now I’ve given this quite a bit of thought and I genuinely suppose the worst I ever felt before getting a massage was before my first massage. That might be on account of the fact I’ve never felt that terrible again! I’m not saying I’ve never had my down days but maybe knowing that if things got really bad I could always go and get a pick-me-up lingam massage has helped a lot.

The first time I came for a massage I had just been cheated on. It’s a classic okay, I’m such a cliché yea yea yea but see the thing is, it was my wife that cheated and she cheated on me with my best friend… my best friend who also happens to be a woman! That’s right not only did I find out my wife had been cheating but I found out my wife was a lesbian… well, bi any road. But see now before you start thinking I’m homophobic or have an issue with it because she was a woman I should explain…

I was born with a micropenis. That’s the technical term anyway, it’s basically a really small dick and it embarrassed me for as long as I can remember. See the thing is when I met my ex-wife and she didn’t seem to mind about the lack of girth or poor length I thought I had found the one. To discover her cheating on me with woman made my self-confidence spiral. I mean it made me remember how absolutely useless my dick was – I may as well have had a vagina I thought!

That’s how I felt anyway…I was in the pits. Yes, you could say it was the worst day ever.


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Getting a lingam massage changed everything!

Lingam massage is all about honouring the penis, celebrating it. Even during my marriage, I don’t think I addressed my insecurities with my penis – I carried a lot of pain from when I was young and I had always carried this shame.

Through getting a lingam massage I learnt how much pleasure I could get from my penis – how much it could do! Not only did it make me feel good but it changed my life. It gave me a positive perspective.

So yes. A day that was probably going to go down in the history books as the worst day ever ended up becoming one of the better days in my life. Weird eh!

Tune in next week for more stories from my regular clients and learn how getting a lingam sensual massage turned their day around!

Until then…