A couple embracing each other on their wedding day

What made me turn to a lingam sex massage?

When you’re in a new relationship everything is super exciting. Trying out the wildest of positions, getting frisky in the most random places and indulging in each other’s naughtiest of fantasies makes the budding relationship the spiciest of adventures.

But fast forward to 10 years of marriage, a mortgage to pay and three children to provide for, the whole rollercoaster of thrill takes a more vanilla turn. Getting hot under the covers happens once in a blue moon and when it does it’s nothing to shout from the rooftops about.  Feeling glum, my partner and I looked for new ways to spice up our relationship. Dirty talking, dress up and even a bit of bondage didn’t seem to be working. In a last chance of desperation, I took to the internet and stumbled across an article about how Lingam massage can reignite your sex-life. Let’s just say it enhanced more than just our bedroom antics.

So of course, massage is an obvious go-to for a bit of foreplay, but there was a new wave of thrill and excitement when it came to a Lingam sex massage – I just couldn’t wait to try. My husband’s birthday was fast approaching so I decided to save the experience as a surprise for then.


What actually happened?

I picked a night we were alone at home, as disturbance is NOT something you need when you’re getting steamy with your man – especially if it only happens on the odd occasion. I sprinkled rose petals on the bed, lit dozens of scented candles and played a soft romantic playlist. It may sound soppy, but preparation is key to an amazing Lingam session.

He was having a few casual drinks down the pub as he received a message from me saying ‘Come home immediately, I have a surprise waiting for you’ he probably thought I had ordered his favourite dish from the Chinese (this is as exciting as our relationship usually got) but no, he was sure to be sensually shocked with what I had in store for him…

I slipped a nightgown over my sultry underwear as I greeted him at the door. There was no time to waste, so I took his hand and guided him up the stairs. I could feel his pulse race, I’d not seen him this enthusiastic in years. I began to unbutton his shirt as he rested his back on the copious towels I placed on the bed. For anyone wanting to try Lingam, I cannot stress how much towels are a must. Massage oil (and your love juices) are guaranteed to go everywhere, the last thing you want is to be lying on wet patches.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Lingam is, it essentially is a Tantric massage with a difference. Tantra ideologies teach us that the male genitals are the most sacred area of the body and therefore should be worshipped – the main way to do this is massage. However, to build the most euphoric intensity it’s important to not rush. I therefore, rotated my partner onto his back, drizzled him with oil and began to caress his neck, back and shoulders. I could feel him moan with relief as my delicate soft hands graced his less sensitive areas.


A sexy black massage mask, a red rose and a pair of handcuffs that can be used to spice up a relationship


Once his whole body oozed with relaxation, I decided it was time to turn up the heat. I gently whispered in his ear ‘turn over’ as I warmed up oil with my dainty fingertips and guided my hands from his neck to his erogenous zones. Lingam teaches us that the male body is a temple and you should adore it.  As things became more passionate, I could feel a new wave of confidence run through both our bodies. It was like I was a sultry goddess worshipping my sex God – not a middle-aged couple getting intimate for the first time in ages.

I knew it was the right time to spice everything up, he gave me a nod of approval as I removed the towel covering his manhood. I then began to cup, stroke and caress his balls before moving the fun to his penis. I could feel his toes begin to curl with pleasure, therefore to intensify the pleasure I moved my hands before repeating the process. I began to incorporate my sultry lips to suck, lick and trace down his Lingam, it’s fair to say the point of no return was fast approaching. Just like that, it happened ‘the best orgasm ever’ according to my partner. To say I was elated would have been an understatement.

The fun didn’t stop there. Massage oil and bodily fluids can leave you dripping with more than just sweat when it comes to Lingam massage, therefore it was obvious to shower straight after the session. However, why shower alone when you can enjoy some more company with your partner? I confidently took hold of his hand as I lead the way to the bathroom. I’ll leave you to your own imagination what we got up to, but let’s just say we didn’t just rub each other down.


Did a lingam massage actually benefit our relationship?

After our steamy session, we lay aside on the bed and gazed into each other’s eyes absolutely in awe of each other. It sounds cheesy but it was like we were newly-weds, we definitely fell in love again. We felt not just relieved, but also extremely euphoric that we had finally found the answer to our intimacy concerns. Lingam massage is now a massive part of our sex life, my partner also treats me to Yoni (the female equivalent) just as much. Lingam massage built our confidence, enhanced our bedroom antics and most importantly, saved many aspects of our marriage. It could do the same for you too!