Chinese massage therapist giving a client a relaxing lingam massage

Tony Stewart, Journalist, ex-pat and freelance blogger, investigates…

Over the past three years, I have travelled to the ends of the earth exploring the wonders of the world. From the best food, to the most breath-taking landscapes, I have travelled with the ethos of seeing all the best bits – the indulgences that everyone should try. We only get one life and instead of making a bucket list I believe in just doing it (and no, I am not sponsored by Nike… yet)

This week I have been in London, the country of my birth but a city I have been to only a cluster of times. While in London I was advised to try a ‘Lingam massage’- my source claimed that London was home to the best authentic lingam massage outside of its country of origin, China.

The parlour I was sent to was in the heart of the capital, in a district called Marylebone. The parlour had a number of massage styles to choose from, a couple I had heard of some not. I was, by the time of my massage, well informed on lingam- I had spoken to a number of lingam fans and done research online.

What is lingam massage and where does the word come from?

Japanese massage therapist giving a man a lingam massage on a Nuru bed

From what I gathered, Lingam massage originated in China but is a massage style heavily linked to Tantra, which originated as part of the Hindu religion and was first practiced in India. Tantra is all about connecting energies, building pleasure and using edging techniques to create intensely pleasurable orgasms. On the back of Tantra comes lingam… The word lingam originates from the Hindu Sanskrit language, which when translated into English means ‘penis’- which already tells you a lot about this massage style. The tantric teaching shares the belief that the lingam (penis) is an important vessel and should be celebrated; the lingam massage celebrates the lingam and is all about worshipping it through delivering pleasure. Many strong advocators of tantric massage consider that in a standard tantric session the lingam does not get pride of place, tantric generally relies on searching for the sexual energy inside the body as opposed to focussing on that which hangs outside… with the lingam massage, the lingam is the key player, ensuring that pleasure is derived from that very important place.


How does a lingam massage feel?

So… this is what I came to understand about lingam massage before my massage. All the information I gathered prior to my session left out one very important factor however… how it feels. I mean if you are going to get a massage, the history, the origins etc. are all fine and good but you are going to get a massage for one reason really – and that’s because it feels good. And that’s not a bad thing! We shouldn’t feel embarrassed to say that, why not does something just because it feels good I believe in being impulsive and doing things for the short term gratification. I believe when going for an erotic massage, whether it is your first or your hundredth massage, to never overthink it. An erotic massage is all about how it feels at that moment, in that space, how does your body feel and where does that take you.


Asian masseuse performing a professional lingam massage on a male client

A lingam massage is certainly an excellent choice for anyone seeking intense erotic pleasure. My source was correct, the lingam massage I experienced in London was out of this world and I did not need to go to China to get the best. In fact, the masseuses working in Marylebone are scouted from the top massage schools in China, Japan and Korea – I guess the wealthy clientele of London town encourages the best masseuses from around the world to work there.


Now I know what you’re waiting for, you want me to tell how it felt. Now following my policy of living life on impulse, living in the here and now I completely let go during my lingam massage (as you are encouraged!) and my journalistic brain just switched off. Normally when I’m working I can at least tune in with my narrative voice a little bit, in order for me to process the situation on to a word document after. At the start of my lingam massage the hands of the masseuse melted my soul – and I mean that literally, my insides felt like warm butter, and then it was just sensation after sensation after sensation – my body felt more alive than ever before! I peaked right there, in the room with the masseuse!


I went home and cried like a baby – and not in a bad way! It was the best cry I’d had in years, the first cry in a long time. It was as though the lingam massage opened me up and took me to a part of my consciousness I had not even realised I was neglecting. The lingam massage reconnected me to myself and that felt great.


So, do I recommend going to get a lingam massage in London? What do you think? Of course, I bloody recommend you go get one.


Until next time,