It’s hard to believe that in 2019 us Brits still have an issue talking openly about sex, making it an uncomfortable and awkward topic of conversation when it really shouldn’t be. I mean, we all do it right? Even more so, we hush conversations on areas such as erotic massage services due to years of it being shamed for going against cultural and religious beliefs despite the fact that it is highly popular and has many health benefits. Here at Canary Wharf Tantric, we believe the only way we can normalise these areas is by talking about it and providing people with honest and helpful information so they can make an authentic opinion towards it, rather than a premeditated judgement due to the negative connotations that are often attached to erotic massage therapy. 

Why is our happy ending massage service so popular?

One of our most popular services is the ‘happy ending”’ massage, a simple yet effective experience that is amazing for both newcomer and regular clients. A happy ending massage is an erotic massage style in which the masseuse performs a full body to body naked massage on the customer, releasing any mental or physical tension and helping you enter into a state of relaxation. Once you are fully settled, the therapist uses her hands to provide you with relief, allowing you to orgasm twice within one session. Our happy ending massage East London services are highly popular as they are sexually pleasurable, but also because they help to reduce stress levels and are a source of mental and physical relief. 


An Asian masseuse sat down with her legs spread apart


Feedback from our regular customers about their happy ending massages

  • “If you are in Central London and are in need of some TLC, then a happy ending massage at an Asian erotic massage parlour is ideal for you. I have been having this massage service for quite some time now and the positive impact it has had on my life is unreal. The first time I had a happy ending massage is very memorable to me. The masseuse began by using her hands to eliminate any areas of muscle pain or tension in my body, using elements from more traditional and therapeutic massage styles. As her hands rubbed and caressed my body, I could feel my anxiety levels lower and my body become calmer. Once I was in a state of relaxation, she began to put a sensual twist on the session, using her hands to arouse my intimate areas and providing me with hand relief. The orgasm was not simply a sexual feeling of pleasure, but an out of body experience that was tranquil and calming.”


  • “Getting a happy ending massage at Canary Wharf Tantric is truly a luxurious experience that boosts your confidence and gives you that extra zest to kick start your week. Due to my job, I have quite a busy and hectic schedule which naturally can be very draining. Whenever I need an outlet for my anxiety and stress and want to treat myself, I always have a happy ending massage. As there are various different Asian massage parlours based in Central London, I always pop out on my Monday lunch break to have one. This enables me to start my week off with a positive and re-energised mindset. As well as being highly pleasurable and helping me to off load sexual tension that all of us men experience, it really reduces my stress levels and helps me to focus. I understand that many people have the opinion that it is simply a sexual experience but until you try it then you don’t understand the wide scope of benefits it has for you. I definitely feel like a better version of myself from using this service. My work ethic and frame of mind is certainly more productive too. It is very easy to procrastinate in life but taking care of yourself in the right ways helps you to steer clear from doing so and my way of making sure I am at the top of my game is by having weekly happy ending massages!”


  • “It’s quite interesting the wide range of reasons men have happy ending massages and it is comforting knowing that it can help me in so many ways. One week I might use it to relax and calm my anxious mind, whereas the next it might help me overcome issues I have with intimacy. Happy ending massage therapy is not about an ultimate and direct outcome, like many other sensual massage styles it is about building trust with yourself and the masseuse and going on a journey. By having this mindset you enjoy the experience more and it feels great from start to finish.”


A Japanese masseuse lay on the floor in purple socks


What is the best way to book your happy ending massage?

Are you based in Central London? Would you like to try a 5* rated Asian erotic massage experience? Luckily for you, we provide a wide range of massage styles for our customers to choose from, including the highly popular happy ending massage. We are open daily from 10 am – 3 am, providing both incall and outcall services. Contact us via SMS, phone call or email to book an appointment today!