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High-class erotic therapist Daniella Day explains why every gentleman should add full service massage to their bucket list.

Let’s be honest, you’d be mad to not create a bucket list. Riding on the Orient Express, skydiving in Australia and seeing the Northern Lights all sound pretty cool. However, have you ever strived to make your bucket list adventurously unique and go one level higher? Gentlemen, here I introduce you to the full service massage, the crème de la crème of adult services and an experience which is dying to be added to your bucket list.

What is full service?

Full service is exactly what it says on the tin and is basically a feast of adult services. With a full service treatment, you’ll get the full she-bang with naked massage, oral and penetration, you’re guaranteed to be wooed into ecstasy. That’s not the only reason to treat yourself to this sexy service!


You get wooed by the girl of your dreams

Here’s for some real-talk, if you’re going to your average boozers down your local you’re probably not going to be wooed by a gorgeous goddess. However, at an erotic massage parlour, you’re always guaranteed to get wet ‘n’ wild with the girl of your dreams. It’s a given that to be an erotic therapist you have to be insanely stunning. Most masseuses, including myself, are cherry-picked from prestigious beauty competitions and model agencies in our home countries. Most adult salons also boast a delicious mix of girls, so they are able to tickle every client’s fancy. Therefore if you have a thing for perky-breasted babes, hourglass stunners or leggy brunettes then the parlour will have it covered. There’s also the option to have a four hands full service if you’re a little bit adventurous (or struggling to make a decision from the orgasmic selection of girls.)


A blonde haired Asian masseuse sat down on a hotel bed wearing sexy pink dress


You get the best sex EVER

Ever reached seventh heaven because the sex is SO good? Well what if we said a full service massage could indulge you into higher heights of pleasure, with even better sex. Full service therapists have the same sexual outlook and drive as some of the biggest porn stars in the business and love nothing more than immersing themselves into your wildest of fantasies. If you’ve always strived to try a bit of dress-up, bondage and roleplay then do feel free to request it as part of your full service session. The full service sex can be as sweet and soothing or as raunchy and passionate as you want it to be, so do make an effort to discuss your sexual preferences at the beginning of the session. This will allow the masseuse to know exactly how to get your love juices flowing.


You’ll be treated at a five-star parlour

In London, full service massage is regarded as a luxurious treatment, therefore the parlours have to match the same prestige. As a client, you’d easily mistaken an erotic massage parlour for a five star hotel. Most boast elegant welcome lounges, where you will be handed a glass of champagne and be able to make intelligent conversation with the masseuses before being guided to the treatment room. The lavishness doesn’t stop there, most private massage rooms boast luxurious king-sized beds, marble walk-in showers and the latest mood lighting, which can be set to your own individual preference. You’re guaranteed to never forget the sweet serenity setting of an erotic parlour and that’s before we’ve even thrown the massaging services in the mix. If visiting a high-class parlour isn’t feasible for yourself then don’t panic, you’re not missing out. The majority of full service therapists offer home-visits to most apartments, houses and hotels in the Greater London area. Outcall enables you to kick back and relax as soon as your appointment is arranged – and is also available around-the-clock!


Five golden stars


The  quick FAQs:

Will my service be discreet?

Of course. The booking agents will destroy any evidence of your booking straight after your session. They also delete all client information every 24 hours. Erotic massage parlours are also always discreet, often disguised as plush apartments or high-end shops to the public.  


Can I have sex without a condom?

No, a condom has to be worn during a full service massage during penetration at all times. Clients can opt for OWO (oral without) for £20 extra.


Where are the therapists from?

Here at Canary Wharf Tantric, we have a delicious range of therapists who hail from China, Japan and Korea. Not only are they sultry wonderworkers when it comes to sexy time, but they also boast prestigious tantra and massaging qualifications from their native countries.


How much does full service cost?

Incall full service is available from just £160 for one hour. There is the option to add on naughty extras if you want to indulge into fifth gear pleasure. Outcall pricing is available upon request.


So come on boys, it’s time to spice up your bucket-list and give our full service massage London services a try. Time is ticking, to call our 24-hour booking team to arrange your sexiest of encounters.