A man laughing in his sunglasses, just after he has been for a full service massage

Erotic massage parlours have forever been seen as a taboo topic, something that many people do not ask about but secretly want to know every last detail about. One of the main questions circling around this curiosity is if they offer full service (sex) and what exactly that entails.

So, if you have always wanted to know what actually goes on behind closed doors just out of curiosity, or perhaps you are thinking about paying a visit to heaven on earth, let me break it all down for you… Today, I will be giving you a detailed description of what full service is and where one should attain a full service massage if they wish to.

So, what exactly is a full service massage?

Much like other erotic massages, a session at our full service massage parlor begins with a full body to body massage. The masseuse and the client are both completely naked and depending on what company you go with, the masseuse will usually use gels and creams to rub all over your body. She will then utilize her curves and certain body parts to rub against you in a sensual manner until you become aroused. A full service massage consists of hand relief, oral and also sexual intercourse – you can decide which order you want this in and most erotic massage companies allow you to ejaculate twice.


An Asian masseuse lay on a sofa in a sexy black outfit


Why do people get full service massages?

No matter what type of massage you get, they are guaranteed to be a relaxing and soothing experience that sends rushes of pleasure down your whole body, whether they are sexual or not. Therefore, many people are confused as to why people seek full service massage when they could simply enjoy the pleasure you receive from a regular massage, or even a happy ending massage.

People seek full service massages for many different reasons – some believe the penis to be merely another part of the body and if they are getting a full body massage, then that means the full service. Some seek it because they are lonely, for sexual gratification, boredom, to try something new, for health reasons… The list is endless. However, one thing all these men do have in common is that that they will be leaving the massage parlour feeling satisfied, with a smile on their face.

I decided to ask some regular clients why they opt for a full service massage and here is what they had to say –


Dom, 32 – “The reasoning behind me going for a full service massage is simply for sexual gratification. I am quite a sexual person however, I do not have the time for a serious relationship, and therefore this option suits me. It fulfils my needs and keeps me satisfied without having to deal with the commitments of a relationship. The massage itself is very relaxing and calming; however it is the sexual side of it that I enjoy the most. I think many single guys in my position who are going through a dry spell should definitely try full service massage because they feel amazing and they are also hassle free.”


Saul, 28 – “I was quite apprehensive about trying a full service massage because there is a lot of stigma surrounding it and many people do not agree with it. However, I did my research and found a massage parlour where I knew the girls had willingly trained to be an erotic masseuse and loved their profession. My reason behind seeking full service massage is because I am quite lonely and they bring me the companionship and intimacy that I am lacking in my life. The masseuses always ensure that I feel at ease with a full body massage before they begin the sexual stuff, it feels like a girlfriend experience in a way.”


Randy, 56 – “I am quite a sexual person and it gives me quite the thrill, visiting my local erotic massage parlour. There is something about getting a full service massage that turns me on more than regular sex with a lady. The masseuses are always so beautiful and fully trained in what they do; therefore I know that I am always going to enjoy myself. I think it is great that many of the massage parlours in London offer full service massages, I don’t think they realise how much it helps so many men out.”


A professional Asian massage therapist lay on a hotel bed in a lace black dress


Get in touch with us to book a full service massage!

So, if the prospect of getting a full service massage has been pondering about your mind for some time now, I hope this article has persuaded you to do the right thing… which of course is to get one. We have various massage parlours based in Central London that offer this service from 10 am – 3 am daily. Please contact us via call, SMS or email to book an appointment with one of our stunning, professionally trained erotic masseuses who have all come from the likes of China, Japan and Korea.