A Christmas list which includes a range of erotic Asian massages to try

So yeah, getting the latest watch, an exotic holiday or a brand new sports car for Christmas is all well and good – but have you ever had an erotic massage? The treatment is seductive, soothing and sexy – and better still, it’s guaranteed to be the cheapest thing on your Christmas list! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, here are five reasons you need to try an erotic massage this Christmas.

You get a massage with the girl of your dreams

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to get hot under the covers with a stunning girl of your dreams, so what better time for it to happen than around Christmas. Erotic massage is a competitive industry in London, therefore the parlours have to ensure they are on top of their game to have the best masseuses in the business. Whether you want an hourglass goddess, a cheeky little minx or a legs 11 beauty they will certainly have it covered. Not only are they blessed with flawless looks but they are also experts with their hands (and fine figures) too. The majority of erotic masseuses have trained in the most prestigious Tantra schools in the likes of Shanghai, Tokyo and Beijing. Here they have perfected their expertise in the art of massaging, edging and seduction. You’re guaranteed to find yourself the full package! And as it is Christmas you NEED to push the boat out. Why not opt for four hands erotic massage which gives you double the trouble, double the benefits? This sexy service is guaranteed to get not just Santa cumming to town!


A sexy Asian masseuse lay down in white underwear on a tiled floor

It’s INSANELY pleasurable

Ok, so we all know traditional massage therapy to be super relaxing but when we add it with the sexy bits everything only gets better. The beauty of an erotic massage is that nothing is off limits and when we say nothing, we mean NOTHING. The bodywork is always performed with both parties naked (unless you request otherwise) with the masseuse using long glides along your neck, back and shoulders before manoeuvring her tantalising fingertips to your erogenous zones. To maximise the pleasure, the masseuses’ always use what is known as an edging technique. Edging builds the intensity as when you’re reaching a point of no return the masseuse will move away from your sensitive area to another area of the body and repeat the process. This guarantees the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life – what more could you want this Christmas? Make sure you opt for the erotic massage full service. The full service adds the delicious elements of the masseuse licking your candy cane and riding your sleigh as part of the session.


A massage therapist in handcuffs that represents how an Asian erotic massage can be extremely pleasurable

It nurses your Winter aches and pains

Studies show December to be the worst time of the year for illness. So, instead of hibernating in bed with a hot water bottle or struggling to get to the pharmacy for some painkillers, why not opt for an erotic massage instead? The sensual glides of an erotic massage produce Endorphin hormones, which help block the pain signals from reaching the brain. You’re guaranteed to get rewarding relief, particularly if you suffer from headaches, back pain or toothache.


A man sat down with an headache

It prevents the cold and flu

Following on from our last point, erotic massage actually helps to prevent illness from happening. Studies show that massage and sexual intimacy boosts the number of white blood cells within the body. A good amount of white blood cells is a vital component for having a strong immune system, which ultimately allows your body to shake off the dreaded cold and flu before they become onset. So, if you’re fed up of having a horrible cough and sore throat during the festive period then look no further than treating yourself to an erotic massage this Christmas.


A man in bed with the flu

You get to have sex

Surveys show Christmas is the most popular time to get frisky in the whole year, but are you concerned you’re going to be ‘lonely this Christmas’ as you don’t have a partner? Well, you can put all of your worries aside – as erotic massage promises you the best sex YET. Furthermore, erotic masseuses are often former gymnasts, so we’ll let you use your imagination when it comes to thinking of the orgasmic array of positions they boast. The masseuses are also open to new things and better still, indulging into your fetishes. So, if you have something daringly delicious you’ve always wanted to try then do inform them at the beginning of the session. Forget trying to pull the average-looking barmaid in your local this Christmas, an erotic massage promises to be SO much better (and less hassle!)


A woman holding a condom who is about to give her partner an erotic massage


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‘Tis the season to get sexy, be sure to add erotic massage to the top of your Christmas list this year. We offer erotic massage London services every day in December between 10 am – 3 am, seven days a week. From just £120 you can treat yourself to the most luxurious early Christmas present, which is sure going to leave you rocking around the Christmas tree.