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For centuries, erotic massages have been recognised as an alternative mechanism for aiding your aches and pains. But now with more types of erotic massages being available than ever before it begs the question which one you should opt for to nurse your personal ailment. We spoke to Doctor Eliza Khan who is able to tell us more…

Migraines – full service

For years, scientists have been trying to find a cure for migraines but there’s still no luck. All we know is that migraines are a result of an inflammation on a small part of the brain, which often makes the sufferer endure excruciating pain. The best thing we can do to help migraine victims is to give them a little bit of relief. The full service is the perfect combination of massage and penetration. The massaging part allows the body to release endorphins, which act as the body’s natural painkiller and masks the pain signals from reaching the brain. The sex part also furthers relief, with a study from the University of Munster finding sexual intimacy to be the most effective migraine reliever. Migraine sufferers who opt for full service regularly see a decrease in their headaches.


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Stress – Tantric massage

Stress can cause aches and pains just about anywhere in your body but the areas it affects the most is usually the neck, back and shoulders, which is often the result of an uneven stance and posture. If you are someone who suffers from stress, you should look no further than a tantric massage. Tantra practitioners believe that when we are stressed, Chi (also known as Cortisol, the stress hormone) blocks the Sen lines within the body. To flush out the Chi, tantric kneading techniques are used which helps to harmonise the body, mind and soul for rewarding relief. Scientists have also proven that regular orgasms help to combat stress too. Therefore sufferers should combine tantric massage with the happy ending package, which provides the perfect remedy.


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Lower back pain – Nuru massage

Lower back pain is usually a result of damage to your ligaments and muscles. When this happens, adhesions (muscle knots) form in the body which causes excruciating lower back pain. For relief, these adhesions need to be kneaded and stroked out, this can be done by Nuru massage. Nuru is unique compared to other massages, as instead of using standard oil and the therapist’s hands to perform the treatment, the massage is carried out with Nori gel and is performed with the masseuse’s most intimate zones. Feeling the therapist effortlessly slide and grind all over your lower back helps to unwind the adhesions and provide the back area with more oxygen, which ultimately makes the pain majorly subside. It’s important to note that if your lower back is in pain as a result of injury then do consult a medical professional to see if massage is safe before booking in the bodywork.  Not seeking medical advice could cause more harm than good.


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Book your erotic massage to nurse your ailment

There is an erotic massage which can cure just about an ailment, but if we went into detail about them all we certainly would be here all day. If you’re fed up of your treatments not working and want to try out the alternative way to nurse your aches and pains then do pay a visit to Canary Wharf Tantric massage parlour based in Central London. I am a practicing GP that work closely with the salon to help perfect the massage styles to cure certain symptoms. There are more than 10 erotic massage therapies available at the parlour, which are conducted in your own private treatment room with state-of-the-art facilities. Here you’ll be made to feel like a massaging king, even when you’re not feeling your best. Packages are available from just £120 per hour.

If you’d prefer, you can request a home visit to your apartment, house or hotel room, where the masseuse can nurse your ailments in the comfort of a location of your choice. This service is available from just £150 for a one hour session. We’re here to give you the best aches and pain relief, while also having a terrific time too. Call the parlour team on 07767966512 to find out more or to arrange one of our erotic massage Canary Wharf services.