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What is so great about our Asian body to body massage London service?

Wanting to shake up your mood? Bring some shine into these dark and drizzly days? Look no further than getting a sensual, steaming massage – not just any massage mind… if you want effective results that will improve your general health then why not try a B2B massage. Our Asian body to body massage London service is the only massage style, that can guarantee to make you feel better inside and out.


Don’t believe me? Or at least haven’t received enough information off me yet to trust what I’m saying? That’s totally understandable – why should you believe anything I have to say? But the way I always see it – those that are willing to discover, those that are willing to seek their own happiness and find an alternative method that is outside the grain of normal society are those who will discover true happiness.


You can’t make someone take lifesaving medicine; you can’t force people to eat, to nourish themselves. You can’t force people to wrap up against the cold; you can’t make someone get a body to body massage even if you know how powerful the positive results are.  All I can do is present to you my findings, share with you the experiences of others and hope that by raising awareness, opening a discourse etc. You will discover for yourself how getting a body to body massage could massively improve your present situation as well as leaving you in good stead for the future. Sounds good to you?


A massage therapist in a red dress wearing a black mask waiting for her next client, to join her for a body to body massage


How has a B2B massage already benefitted some men?

Let’s start with a case study or two. I believe the best way to figure out if something is right for you is to hear about other people who have experienced the same thing – that way you can get a better understanding if it’s right for you. So let’s get started…


First off the chopping block is Simon.


Simon’s your typical guy, typical fella, the type of guy that never surprises you, a steady sort, the kind of guy who’s mates say, ‘oh well that’s Simon for you’ and ‘Classic Simon.’ He is predictable and inoffensive, he has friends but is the sort of guy who’s absence isn’t necessarily felt – he isn’t the life and soul of the party. Simon often wonders what life would be like if he wasn’t there and he surmises that it wouldn’t be all that different.  This self-loathing attitude has been floating around in his head for years and it hasn’t done him any favours… Who wants to date a man that is so sour at the world? Who would even want to be his close comrade? Simon acknowledges that his negative mindset is getting in the way of his chances of bettering himself and his life and yet he still can’t seem to shake it. Recently he started seeing a psychiatrist – he’d become desperate to sort out his issues and after visiting his parents and getting into a huge row over something trivial, he noticed how his blood ran hot as he raged at his mother. On reflection he decided he had to make changes, he promised himself that he would never again make his mother cry. So he started therapy, the therapist getting to the route of his problems suggested a lot of his pent-up anger came from his lack of sexual activity – he needed a release, the therapist said. Simon knew this, he felt sexually frustrated nearly all the time but meeting women and maintaining a conversation didn’t come easily to him. In fact, his relationships with women were getting increasingly worse; his need to score overwhelms him in situations with women and causes him to act either abrasive or a bit of a pest. When Simon puts himself in such situations with females he leaves feeling dirty and ashamed of himself. After discussing his issues in length with his therapist he found no solace or solutions. One night he happened to find himself on a webpage advertising erotic massages. He is hesitant at first but finds himself caught in an internet spiral; discovering more and more about the different services available. He learnt how a naked body to body massage is the perfect anecdote to stress and anxiety and he found himself profoundly moved by an article on the importance of human touch and the dangers we face by denying our bodies this. Hesitant but ready to try anything that could help he books himself in for a massage.  Keeping his nerves in check and trying to not overwhelm himself he boards the tube one night after work and gets off at Baker St tube station, the parlour is only a short walk from there. All his worries melt away as soon as he feels the warm trained hands of the beautiful masseuse on his back. During the session he experiences a sort of metamorphism – his body is flooding with good feelings, this rush of happiness astounds him and he leaves the parlour feeling like a new man. The good feeling is not fleeting and he carries this positivity with him. He starts to get massages once a month, replacing the therapy sessions that he once dreaded. His positive feel-good attitude is noticed by friends, family and colleagues – it also attracts the interest of numerous women. Now able to comfortably talk with women as his sexual frustration has been seen to he is able to engage in meaningful, genuine conversations with all kinds of different woman. No sooner than four months since his first massage he receives a promotion in work and begins a relationship with a friend of a friend called Carly. Their relationship is fruit and uncomplicated. He doesn’t feel the need to tell Carly about his experience with erotic massage and he rarely goes anymore but he knows for certain that without the help of b2b massages he may never have had such effective improvements to his mental health.


An Asian masseuse lay in a hotel bath waiting to give a guy a B2B massage


Next, we have Peter.


Peter’s life was pretty alright for the most part. Not a bad looking lad, always had friends, didn’t excel that much academically but always knew he’d make a hard worker and proved as much when he started as a labourer at 16. He met his sweetheart Eva on a lad’s weekend away in Nottingham and got married at 21. After a successful marriage that saw the couple have two children, a task that was no bother with the economic comfort of Peter’s career as a shared partner in a construction firm shit hit the pan. At the age of 43, with teenagers and only a few years left on the mortgage, Peter made a startling discovery – his wife of 22 years, Eva had been cheating on him with her yoga instructor, a younger woman called Trace. His wife was leaving him for another woman and wanted to take the kids with her. Peter’s life fell apart. A man who had once had everything seemed to suddenly be on a one-way track to misery… Fortunately, Peter has a good network of friends around him. When his friends see him drinking in excess they put a halt to it – knowing it could affect his reputation in work. When they see him mouthing off about woman, when they see his mind turning toxic about the female race, they send him to get a body to body erotic massage. At the parlour, Peter is pleasured by a beautiful oriental goddess who makes him feel things he never thought possible. He leaves the parlour feeling happy and with a new lease on life. Getting the massage allows him to relax, unwind and de-stress about the whole situation with Carly. The massage allows him space to get a bit of perspective, he realises that his relationship with Carly hadn’t really got him hot under the collar in a long time and maybe he would be happier with someone new. By the end of that very year, with child custody sorted, the house paid off, Peter meets Jacqueline; the woman who will become his second and final wife.


Who knows if any of these case studies will be of interest to you, perhaps you will relate, perhaps you won’t. One thing I can be certain of is that getting a body to body massage will improve your mental and physical health.