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How do our sexy body massage services actually help?

Different people experience different levels of anxiety and they also deal with these feelings of worry and fear in different ways. If you bottle these feelings up and do not speak about it or seek help in a way that works for you, your anxiety can lead to other serious issues such as depression and mental health problems. Body to body massage therapy consists of manipulating the muscles by kneading, rubbing, pressing, or patting the different muscle groups all over the body. Using their hands and massage oils, the massage therapists work through these individual muscle groups and use their naked bodies to rub against yours and provide you with pleasure.


Speaking to some of our regular clients, we were able to find out that many of our clients who receive regular body to body massages have said that it has helped reduce their levels of stress and anxiety massively.


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Bob, 42, Essex.

“Whenever I am feeling particularly stressed or anxious about something in my life, I always take the trip into London to receive a body to body massage. It is the only outlet that seems to work for me and lasts quite a while. If I am feeling slightly nervous or anxious about something then I will go for a walk or speak to a close friend, however when these feelings are heightened to the extreme I always find solace in body to body massage therapy. The calm and soothing atmosphere of the masseuse helps me to relax and I always find a sense of inner peace that can be quite difficult to source at times when I am not in the right atmosphere. I always go to the same masseuse who knows my situation and is very caring when it comes to my needs and desires. For many men a body to body massage is purely to gain sexual gratification; however mine is to help me combat feelings of anxiety and stress. Of course, there is a sexual element to the body to body massage but I view my climax as another format of releasing these negative feelings that I feel inside. The physical release helps with the mental and emotional relief and I have learnt that my body and mind are connected more than I thought.”


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Leeroy, 26, Milton Keynes.

“I have always found it rather difficult to express my feelings and be open about how I feel, especially when it comes to anxiety, depression and stress. Bottling it up is very hard and sometimes your mind can trick you to feel as if you are all alone when in fact you do have people there to support you. I’m on a rugby team and toxic masculinity is quite rife in that sort of environment. On a number of occasions, I have felt pressure to keep my feelings to myself out of fear of what people on my team will think of me or if they consider me less of a man. One way I have overcome my feelings of anxiety is by receiving regular body to body massages at my local Asian erotic massage parlour. It is a great way for me to feel a sense of release both physically and mentally. Being a rugby player my body can become very sore and tired and a full body to body massage helps to relieve my muscles and work on any pain or tension that I may be experiencing. In turn, this always has a knock on effect on how my mind works and I suddenly feel any dark feelings eliminate from my mind. It is crazy how a body to body massage can make you feel good in so many ways and help you to overcome feelings of sadness and despair that you felt like would never shift.


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If you are in the Central London area and would like to book an appointment to experience our sexy body massage services then we are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, providing you with both incall and outcall services. Whether you are seeking a body to body massage for anxiety reasons or for some pleasure, either way you will receive a unique and individual session tailored to suit all of your needs and desires.