A pink stickman standing between two women to represent a 4 hands massage

Hi, I’m Steve Burmicheal from The Extra Mile Challenge’ and I am on a mission to spend a year going the extra mile. What does that mean you ask – well simply this; for no more days will I settle for anything less than the best, no longer will I accept anything but the finest quality in every aspect of my life. Sounds intense right?


This week we’re talking about massages, erotic massages for that matter. I have got massages in the past sure and my favourite massage style ‘lingam massage’ has never disappointed me before. However the challenge this week was to go the EXTRA MILE so what better way to go the extra distance with lingam massage than to try it as part of a four hands service.

First off what is a four hands massage and what was it like?

For those that DON’T know… Four hands is a massage style that involves getting massaged by two masseuses at the same time. Sounds nice right? It might sound nice but it is certainly more than that. Described as one of the most exciting massage experiences going this is definitely something everyone ought to try at some point. The reason I hadn’t tried it before? Well, frankly it isn’t the most inexpensive massage style to go for… As you are indeed getting the luxury of two masseuses at once you have to pay for both. Paying double isn’t something most men are inclined to do. In the past, if I have felt flash I have paid for an extra hour, having ‘double the fun’ with two masseuses never really crossed my mind.


A man stood inbetween two women who are about to give him a 4 hands massage


Going the extra mile this year I decided to try four hands. And boy what I discovered really made me want to pull open my shutters and shout out the window. Four hands is like nothing. Nothing, I had experienced before. Afterwards, I felt new, reborn. I felt like my whole brain had been wiped clean – but not in a kind of brainwashed or memory loss kind of way but like all the bad and all the negative stuff that had ever happened hadn’t. I felt like I imagine a Catholic feels when they are doused in holy water and feel the hand of God on their shoulder; I felt blessed.


Truthfully I couldn’t really give you a play by play because I was so absorbed during the massage in this intangible sense of euphoric ecstasy that I had no idea what was happening. Typically when I am getting a lingam massage – as pleasurable as it is – I still have complete control of my mind; I am present and know everything that is happening / I mean I don’t exactly lie their focusing on my masseuses technique but I can feel her hands move up and down my body and I can feel what she is doing. With four hands it’s not like that, once the masseuses begin – starting on your back, taking a side each, at first you can determine one from the other but they work fast and in a synchronised rehearsed way that quickly confuses the mind. You can’t tell where one hand starts and the other begins, you feel as though every part of you is being touched at once, all over. You feel as though every inch of your skin is being soothed, being treated, every ache, tension melts away until you feel electric! Completely open to sensation in a way I have never been before, I was squirming around like a child! One further touch was like ecstasy! As they continued I found my mind transport to this other place. A realm of complete and utter pleasure, I’ve never taken heroin but I’m sure it feels something like that. It was transcendent, I felt like I was coming up on MD, everything was amazing; everything was good, life made sense, no problems in sight.


Lots of feet hanging out of a bed

How did the four hands lingam massage feel?

This is when things got really exciting. The masseuses turned their attention on to my “lingam” (..my penis-to those that don’t know!) This was like nothing I could ever have imagined feeling; they massaged my lingam and performed oral. I immediately orgasmed.  But not like for a moment or two, no. This orgasm lasted for a whole 8 minutes, I rifled around on the bed in sheer delight! I can’t say I’ve ever felt that good in my whole life. I gradually came and I had tears on my cheeks, I’m not afraid to admit that, I must have been bawling. I felt new, cleansed.  And it didn’t go away, no! For days I felt great for no reason.


After The four hands lingam massage, you could be told your dog had to get put down, your house is gonna get repossessed, you’ve lost your job.. . and honestly despite how seriously these things could affect your life and how they could cause you much stress and heartache, you won’t care! After a four hands massage nothing can get you down. It’s amazing. If you have anything serious that needs to get done in work, if you’re under a lot of pressure or stress, if your wife has just left you for some attractive younger man with biceps up to here, or worse maybe your wifes left you for the woman next door! Whatever the problem, the solution? A four hands massage. Trust me.


Until next week!