Two Asian massage therapists massaging a clients back

Where did my obsession with getting a four hands massage start?

It is safe to say that most teenage boys grow up having very similar fantasies… To be a professional football player, to own a pet snake or to have a threesome with two beautiful women. As I reached my early twenties my hopes of becoming a professional footballer went down the drain as I started to drink and I certainly grew a fear of snakes. However, one fantasy that I couldn’t quite let go off was being sexually intimate with two women at the same time. 


There was something about the prospect of having two stunning women pleasure me at the same time that filled up my body with a rush of excitement and I knew it was something that I had to try, yet I had no idea how I could make this fantasy a reality. Although I was studying at university at the time, which is usually an ideal territory for sexual exploration, I was an extremely shy guy which didn’t help when it came to speaking to girls. 


After speaking with a friend, I was introduced to “four hands” massage therapy, a unique massage style that enables you to have an intimate experience with two women at the same time. I visited my local Asian massage parlour in Central London to try their four hands massage Marylebone services and was met with a very friendly receptionist who talked me through the season step by step and made me feel at ease before it began. It was a highly enjoyable experience that exceeded my expectations of what my fantasy would be like, an experience that I believe every man should have, especially if it is one he desires. 


Two sexy massage therapists sat next to each other


To help you get a better understand and grasp of what a four hands massage is and how you can obtain one, I have answered some FAQ’s – 


What is a ‘four hands’ massage?

A four hands massage is a unique and fun massage style that is performed by two masseuses at the same time. The masseuses can either work in a synchronised motion or dedicate their focus to different areas of the body at the same time; this is completely down to the customer. 


Does it feel better having two masseuses as opposed to one?

It is safe to say; double the hands, double the fun. A four hands massage enables both masseuses to release tension and pleasure in more areas of the body at the same time, therefore the feelings are greater and more intense for the customer. 


Three silhouettes of some massage therapists


Do I have a choice of masseuses?

Yes, like usual erotic massage set-ups, you will always be allowed the choice of what two masseuses you have for your session. Most massage parlours in Central London have a wide variety of masseuses for you to choose from that have been professionally trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across China, Japan and Korea. 


Is the massage session tailored to suit me?

Massage parlours want to make each session as individual and unique as possible to cater to the needs and desires of the customer. They understand that each person enjoys different things when it comes to their massages and are happy to perform it how you want it. 



We always welcome new customers, therefore if you based in Central London or are visiting the city, why not try our four hands massage Marylebone service? We have been rated the best in London, with our masseuses all being 5* rated by every customer they have. 


We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, providing both incall and outcall service. If you wish for the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then please contact us in advance so we can send your chosen girl to you for your desired time.


We have an extensive list of massage styles for you to choose from. Although we are the highest rated massage parlour in London, we boast the best prices. Our masseuses have all been highly trained at some of the most prestigious massage therapy schools across China, Japan and Korea and have come to the U.K to please and pleasure the gentlemen of London. We care about customer satisfaction which is why we always allow you to have a choice of girl, even if it is for an outcall. With us, you will always receive a true and authentic Oriental massage experience.