If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been single for quite some time. My life revolves around sitting at my desk, taking part in board meetings and jetting off on various business trips. I don’t really have time for a special lady in my life. And that’s fine by me, girls can be headaches. However, there’s one day a year I hate being alone – Valentine’s Day.


So its 5 pm on the 14th February 2016, I put my jacket on and make my way home through the Thames Walkway. I see men dashing around with roses in their hand, while my other eye spots the various restaurants starting to fill up with loved-up punters. I then catch a reflection of myself from my phone ‘all by yourself mate’ my inner voice whispers.


However, not one to have a shit night I knew I could do one better than these lovey dovey couples. I had a brainwave, why don’t I visit a high class adult parlour? Now, due to my world-wide work commitments, I have sampled erotic massages in many different countries and had taken a shining to it. As it was Valentine’s night I knew I had to give myself a next level treat, so what did I do? I booked a four hands massage.

So what actually is a four hands massage? 

Well, it’s essentially double the trouble and double the benefits, with two girls. They’re not any old girls, these masseuses have legs for days, boobs that are better than page three models and bums that would rival the Kardashians. Let’s be honest, these masseuses are out of the league of the girls you see prancing about in the clubs in Shoreditch.


Two naked Asian massage therapists hugging each other in a hotel room


What happened during my massage?

So back to the story… I booked the four hands and made my way to the parlour. When I entered I was immediately given the choice of girls. With the option to pick between these delicious goddesses I felt like all my Christmases had come at once. Who the F needs a Valentine?


The two girls I cherry-picked took hold of each of my hands and guided me to their private treatment room. The room was kitted out with a spacious walk-in shower, a king-sized four poster bed and a luxurious selection of scented candles.


The passion burned through the room as they took off my suit and started to give me a strip-tease in unison. I felt like Hugh Hefner in the Playboy mansion, not some guy who had to pay to get laid this Valentine’s Day.  They began to use the most unimaginable strokes to caress my neck, back and shoulders. It sent my body and mind into an overwhelming state of relaxation, exactly what I needed after a long day in the office.


After the most overwhelming full body massage, they effortlessly turned me onto my front and gazed into my horny eyes as I nodded. I knew the juicy bits were to come. Their dainty fingertips raced to my manhood, I took a deep breath this is exactly what I was waiting for…


Two Chinese massage therapists lay down in sexy black bras and underwear


I won’t be too graphic, but I’ll be honest and say it was the best sex I ever had. The romance, the adventure and the passion – it’s fair to say my whole body was in a heavenly serenity. The masseuses are wonderworkers at climaxing you to the highest point of arousal before the out-of-this-world happy ending. Getting steamy with two smoking hot Asian girls had always been part of my wildest fantasies and now it was one of my mind-blowing realities.


The fun didn’t stop there, once climaxed we kissed and cuddled for a bit, I felt on top of the whole wide world. They then guided me to the shower to wash down and obviously carry on the fun. My body and mind was lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated.


We fooled around as they helped to put my clothes back on ‘you really should come again soon’ they whispered. I made my way out the parlour and found myself on the bustling Bond Street, as so many loved up couples made my way past me. You know what? I wasn’t arsed, the sensual experience I just had was far spicier than the bang-average vanilla sex they’d probably have with their girlfriends when they got home.  It felt thrilling I had this naughty little secret that was only shared with the masseuses.


For the past three years, I always make the effort to treat myself to four hands massage on Valentine’s Day, this year will be no exception. If you’re a singleton like me then I urge you to book one for yourself – after all boys, relationships are SO last year.


Book your own four hands Valentine’s Day massage today!

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